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* First of all, year 5 of the holiday cards. If you guys want a card, please go to the entry.

* I want to create a PMV for the Love is Louder movement (http://www.loveislouder.com/). I think the cause is something that everyone should be get involve in it. So, here's the info from the website:

Love is Louder was started by actress Brittany Snow, The Jed Foundation and MTV to build on the outpouring of support online after the lives of multiple teenagers were lost to suicide in September 2010. This movement strives to amplify the momentum of other inspiring online campaigns and invite anyone who has felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated into the conversation. We are here to raise the volume around a critical message -- that love and support is more powerful than the external and internal voices that bring us down, cause us pain and make us feel hopeless.

The suicide mentioned here are the ones, I believe, that create Spirit Day.

So, what I'm gonna ask you guys is a pic of you with the word "Love is Louder" written on your hand, paper or even a character that you like holding a paper. I need as much as possible!

PLEASE! I think it would be a fun projects! You have until Nov. 26th to post your pic here! The more I get, the less I'll have to repeat your pics!

Thanks everyone!

Ja ne! Nya!

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