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* First of all, year 5 of the holiday cards. If you guys want a card, please go to the entry.

* Second, garage sales. I'm selling a few stuff. Here's the LINK. You guys can get a few things here, like doujinshis, mangas and animes. A few of them are on ebay. There's also the commissions in the post. You guys can also commission me for fanart.

* And I've started writing an original story. I'm planing to publish it. So far, it's about bullying and homosexuality. For me, I think these are subjects that I want to talk about because I feel like it needs to be talked about.

Even if it's in a form of a fiction, I think it's a good way to talk about it.

The thing is... I need a beta-reader. Please guys?

*[livejournal.com profile] prfanfictions I've created a Power Rangers fanfiction community a little while ago. Anyone wants to join?

Ja ne! Nya!

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