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Name:Yami Jay
Birthdate:Feb 21
Website:Frozen Heaven
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Frozen Heaven - Yami Jay's Journal
Frozen Heaven is a FRIENDS ONLY journal due to problems encountered in the past with some b*****d that couldn't take the truth. Beside that, Yami Jay is a really nice person.

Hello everyone! I'm Janie and welcome to my LJ account. I'm updating yet again my profile to make it look good.
Name: Janie Bertrand
Alias: Yami Jay, Jay Kamiya, Hikari Kudo, Chronos
Age: 24
Birthday: Feb. 21st 1984
Blood type: O +
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Greenish Brown
Zodiac sign / Chinese: Pisces / Rat
Nationality: Quebecer / Canadian
Current occupation: University student / Clerk / Anime Otaku

Color: Blue, Black, Purple, Silver, Teal
School subject: History, literature
Food: Italian food, Japanese food
Music: J-POP, J-ROCK, Alternative, Rock
Song: Sen no Yoru wo Koete by Aqua Timez

Color: Yellow, Pink (I have some issues with pink)
School subject: Math
Food: None
Music: Rap, Hip Hop
Song: My Hump by Black Eyed Peas

In general

I'm a very open-minded person. I'm curious by nature and truth-worthy. I'm also honest. I usually think twist before doing something, but I have some mindless moments. I'm usually calm, but I can be hyper. That usually happens when I'm very happy or have a caffeine high. I'm not push-over; if you did something wrong, you will know it quickly enough.

Communities and credits
I'm the current mod of the following communities: [info]ichihitsu, [info]myuicons[info]betaread_search and [info]zukari and I co-mod [info]kai_shrine

Layout by [info]snubbly.
Layout modification by [info]yami_jay.
Layout images (header, FO banner and Profile) by [info]yami_jay.
Images scanned find on [info]hitman_reborn and Clow Legacy
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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IchiHitsu Xmas07

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I lost all my eggs... (T__T) I will put up new adoptions later.


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Team BBA Revolution is BeyBlade Love

Hitsugaya is boy genius love.

Ichigo x Hitsugaya is Boys' Love.


Fandom-fighting is stupid. Like and let like.


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