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YES! This is all the pictures for AN! I uploaded them on Photobucket. All thumbnails to my gallery and it's linked to my account. And they aren't in order. SORRY!!! So...

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Here we go!

Ja ne! Nya!
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As I promised... Here's my report. Pictures will come later since the upload is not done yet.

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Here you go guys! My report! I will upload my photos later... Most of them are from the photoshoot.

Ja ne! Nya!

New Con

Aug. 11th, 2008 06:39 pm
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I'm just gonna make an entry about a con... BELIEVE IT!!

Okay, since AC-Cubed is taking a break, some people decided to do a new con in the Capital region. I kid you not.

G-Anime is now official!

Gatineau has is own Anime convention. It's on Feb. 7-8th. All informations are on the website. PLEASE!!!! If you guys are from the region or have the intention to come, PLEASE! register ASAP!!! Also, please come and support some of my friends and I in the Artist Alley. I have a table this time around (they did some pre-register during Otakuthon...)

So yea, please register!!!

P.S: [livejournal.com profile] ladyfiction are you coming? Because I don't want to drag you by force.
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* Packing up for the rest of the day was not so bad. I found it a lot more easier to carry my entire luggage than just a few bags around. So, I settle down in Artists Alley quickly and waited for the others. The day wasn't so bad, except for the fact that I had to worry for my ride after the con...

* Dealers room was fun to go. I actually made 4 visits that day. I got a few more things for [livejournal.com profile] ladyfiction and got a few things to drink and eat... And to read. And to fangirl about. One thing that I never thought I would buy again was a model. I got a Gundam model to build. You see, long ago, I had Gundam DeathScythe and Gundam Wing 0 custom to build (both are from the Gundam Wing serie). I built both of them, but not as good as I though. They still need to be fixed (lost my clue) and painted. Now, I got Gundam Strike Sword mode to build. I will get the clue and the paint that I need... Alond with the paint for the other two. I know where to get them... And if I want more model, I can go to Silver Snail.

* I also found that talking to other artists is a very educating way to learn about how it works. I've learn a couple of tips from the others. And I also learn that certain things can sell better with different price. And I'll just accumulate my things for next time... And I'll probably sell some of them online soon.

* I did not do the same mistake that Saturday; I've ate at lunch and I snacked a little during the day. Okay, so I had left over pizza for dinner and ate pocky for most of the day, but at least it was better than the previous day.

* At the end of the day, I got my dad to get me and I left, feeling very happy of what I've done. I'll repeat the experience, but I'll try to do so at Anime North. But this is the question, am I going to be alone or with someone... I've been wondering if someone would get a table with me... Just a question like that.

Ja ne! Nya!
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* Being in Artists Alley can be long sometimes... But I sold a few things and I got 2 commissions. Both of them are done and I'll complete the transaction. Now, I wonder if it was a good idea after all... I saw the other tables and they seem way better than me. (-___-) BUT, I met three great artists. Two of them are in a circle... And I know one of them from way back, since m Oekaki days. And my left neighbor is also very great.

* It was really long to get to Dealers Room during the afternoon. Got a few cellphone straps and Yaoi mangas. And I got a Yaoi Paper fan... Very useful since I forgot my paper fan for my cosplay costume. Before I forget, I GOT A KIKUMARU CELLPHONE STRAP! I was searching for it in YEARS!!!! I'm so happy!!!

* Cosplaying Sanzo is fun, BUT it's so hot in Artists Alley that I kept pulling parts of the costume. And since I didn't eat for most of the day, I got an headache to the point that I had to pull off my wig. My poor head hurt so bad...

* Well, learn that it's fun to order from the hotel. Got a pizza with cheese sticks. It was really good. And it filled my stomach very well. I probably should go see the others again before tomorrow.

Ja ne! Nya!

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