Nov. 3rd, 2007

yami_jay: One of my fav icons. Don't remember who made it... (TeniMyu // Kazuki as Atobe)
* Being in Artists Alley can be long sometimes... But I sold a few things and I got 2 commissions. Both of them are done and I'll complete the transaction. Now, I wonder if it was a good idea after all... I saw the other tables and they seem way better than me. (-___-) BUT, I met three great artists. Two of them are in a circle... And I know one of them from way back, since m Oekaki days. And my left neighbor is also very great.

* It was really long to get to Dealers Room during the afternoon. Got a few cellphone straps and Yaoi mangas. And I got a Yaoi Paper fan... Very useful since I forgot my paper fan for my cosplay costume. Before I forget, I GOT A KIKUMARU CELLPHONE STRAP! I was searching for it in YEARS!!!! I'm so happy!!!

* Cosplaying Sanzo is fun, BUT it's so hot in Artists Alley that I kept pulling parts of the costume. And since I didn't eat for most of the day, I got an headache to the point that I had to pull off my wig. My poor head hurt so bad...

* Well, learn that it's fun to order from the hotel. Got a pizza with cheese sticks. It was really good. And it filled my stomach very well. I probably should go see the others again before tomorrow.

Ja ne! Nya!

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